Place St. Francois de Sales

Place St. Francois de Sales

A walk by moonlight in the town of Annecy.

This photo was taken in Annecy, France during a late night walk by the river in the town center. There was something about this lamp, next to a relatively uninspiring placard that gave me a moment of pause. The lamp was beautiful in its history, in the fact that the metal had probably been handcrafted, and the glass delicately placed within the metal. The placard was equally beautiful with its unique font and weathered paint.

I took many pictures that night as I walked through the town. And while I enjoy this picture, and the others from that night, none of them can really capture how the moon glinted on the water, or how the lanterns outside the restaurants gave off a warm glow of firelight. It could be operator error of the camera that these weren’t appropriately rendered (entirely possible; trust me). But I think it was something more. A photograph can capture on film the moment a feeling or action transpires, but it is imagination that creates the romance. It is our presence in that exact time and space that creates an understanding of the beauty around us, and the feeling of thankfulness that we have been placed within that moment. I am thankful I had the opportunity to see Annecy by moonlight, by daylight, and to eat the amazing food it had to offer. I am also extremely thankful that I have photo editing software on my computer to help make up for my shortcomings behind the camera.


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