About Me

Oh hey! Welcome to my blog that you have either intentionally or unintentionally stumbled upon!

I started this “About Me” section with the original intent of writing something short, simple, and profoundly amazing. Then I stared at my computer for approximately 15 minutes, listening to my bedroom clock with growing frustration as it mocked my obvious inability to be inspired. And that is how this “About Me” piece was created in all its wonder.

I currently live my life in the beautiful state of Oregon, in a city I’m sure you’ve all heard of. I love all of the familiar things that people normally love (family, friends, chia pets… wait…). And also love many more things that are not fundamental to living but somehow make it exponentially more enjoyable. Yoga. Singing. Baking. Singing while baking. You know, things like that. I adore writing, but don’t dedicate enough time to it since I haven’t quite mastered how to create more hours in the day. I find dancing exhilarating and love learning for the sake of learning, thus making me an expert in absolutely nothing except perhaps procrastination and Google searches.

But what else, you say? What are you doing on the interwebs and what is the purpose of your blog? I have no direct intention for this blog other than to share. I want to share the things I see, hear or write so that others may see, hear or read them. I hope that some of the things are impactful, or at the very least, mildly entertaining. You will find writings about culture, history, music, and sometimes a look into the illusion of this story we call life.


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